The Western Mail Order Bride: Jordyn's Reluctant New Love (Frontier Romance)

Written By: Vanessa Carvo
Catagory: Western
Total Pages: 42
Rated: PG-13

The Western Mail Order Bride: Jordyn’s Reluctant New Love, is the emotional story (over 10,400 words) of a woman who starts out by lying when she begins a correspondence with a rancher in Oregon who has advertised for a mail order bride. All she wants to do is get out west, learn how to run a ranch, then own one herself--just like she and her now deceased father had planned. Under other deceptions she gets a free boat ride out to the west coast from a mail order bride company sending one hundred women in search of husbands. When she arrives and attends the meeting where the men and women get together, she looks for “her” man but cannot find him. With no other option she decides to take the leftovers and rides off in one coarse character’s wagon. Things go rapidly downhill from there.

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