Gunsmoke is Grey (An O'Brien Western)

Written By: Ben Bridges
Catagory: Western
Total Pages: 237
Rated: PG-13

O’Brien was hunting bounty up in Utah when the deal blew up in his face. Now he was hurting bad and the doctor told him that he’d have to rest up for at least a couple of months before he could even think about strapping his Colt back on. Still, a feller’s got to earn a living, and he was grateful when the doctor gave him a job which promised to be nice and quiet. Hardly any more than an easy little trip across the territory. But what O’Brien and his new partner found at trail’s-end was a town in fear, and a copper-hungry hardcase who would stop at nothing to get at the vast wealth that lay nearby. O’Brien was in no shape to take on bully-boys. But then he’d never been one for following doctor’s orders. So when it came to curing the problem in Rock View, his prescription was simple. Lead, lead ... and more lead. "Gunsmoke is Grey may just be the finest western I have ever read," -- Mike Stotter, author of McKINNEY'S REWVENGE and DEATH IN THE CANYON

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