Montana Gunsmoke (A Ben Bridges Western)

Written By: Ben Bridges
Catagory: Western
Total Pages: 105
Rated: PG-13

MORE GUN-SWIFT FRONTIER ACTION FROM FOUR-TIME NUMBER ONE BESTSELLING KINDLE WESTERN WRITER BEN BRIDGES and LINK HULLAR!! A desperate telegram from young Lane Jenkins brought Flint McKay north to Montana, where Randolph Billington was using every dirty trick in the book to take over the territory. But what could Flint do about it? He was just an ageing drifter with failing eyesight. He had no home and no kin, just a horse, a saddle and a pistol hed won in a bunkhouse poker game. To Lane, though, Flint was the only man who could stand up to the buzzards whod killed his father. As soon as Flint started making his presence felt around town, Billington sent his hired gun, Owen Thorpe, to get rid of him. But Flint was a whole heap tougher than he looked and as the land-grabbers soon learned to their cost, he proved to be a hard man to kill.

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