Porn Star-Everything You Want To Know And Are Embarrassed To Ask

Written By: Steven St. Croix
Catagory: Biography/Memoir
Total Pages: 162
Rated: XXX

For the first time ever, 20 year adult film legend Steven St. Croix opens up about what it's really like to be a male performer in the adult business. With honesty and brevity, he answers questions long asked by fans and others curious as to the inner workings of the adult star's life. Questions ranging from his rise in the industry, what happens on set when shooting, his films, his co-stars, crazy sex on and off camera, the myth of fluffers, plastic surgery nightmares, drug use, mafia control, HIV and STD's, how cheaply the films are made and the recent mandatory condom law passed in Los Angeles and how performers are perceived by the industry as a whole. All this and much more are all answered here in a shockingly raw, insightful but respectful manner.

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