The Ennin Mysteries: The Empress and the Monk

Written By: Ben Stevens
Catagory: Thriller/Mystery
Total Pages: 31
Rated: PG-13

Ennin - the 'Sherlock Holmes' of Japan's feudal era - investigates another case, assisted by his faithful servant (and narrator) Kukai. Sesshu - a shadowy monk of evil reputation - has become the Empress's favorite. When it becomes apparent that Sesshu intends to become Emperor, Ennin is asked to somehow try and stop the monk's insane quest for power. But then Ennin is caught in a forbidden area of the Imperial Court. For this, there is but one punishment - death by ritual disembowelment. This time, there seems to be no way out for Ennin... (Other Ennin Mysteries are available.)

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