SILENT (a psychological thriller, combining mystery, crime and suspense)

Written By: D. M. Mitchell
Catagory: Thriller/Mystery
Total Pages: 227
Rated: PG-13

With his acknowledged individual storytelling expertise, D. M. Mitchell pens yet another taut psychological thriller with a difference that twists and turns to its deliciously devious and unexpected conclusion. Discover for yourself why D. M. Mitchell is being hailed as one of the most exciting new writers of thriller and supernatural tales in the UK. From reviews of Silent: I loved this book, it had a great story line, the ending was a shocker!!!!! I love mysteries, and this author is tops on my list!!! This was one of those finger sliding books that had me guessing with each swipe I was amazed with the ending. Great work and I have already suggested this title to others for their reading pleasure. I enjoy this type of book. I was surprised when the story caught my attention so quickly. The twist at the end was unexpected. The voice/language did make me feel that i was in Hollywood in the 20's. I REALLY enjoy reading Mitchell's novels, he's a great writer and his stories and characters are among the best I've ever read. Sometimes money and fame can be a terrible curse! Find out how in this twisted, thrilling book Hollywood, 1927, at the height of silent-movie production. Down-on-his-luck movie actor Rick Mason meets Betsy Bellamy, a young actress struggling to make it in Hollywood. She is accompanied by her older brother Davey, a sullen, insular man fiercely protective of his sister. But Betsy and Davey share a dark past which they’re hoping to escape by making a new life in California. A past that will have tragic, murderous consequences. But for now Rick Mason’s life is about to change beyond his wildest imaginings. He lands a lucrative contract with Metropolitan Studios, who want to cast him as the lead in their new horror movie. And out of the blue a Hungarian lawyer lands the bombshell that Rick Mason isn’t who he thinks he is. Mason discovers he’s inherited an estate and huge fortune from his late father Baron Jozsef Dragutin and has to travel to Slavonia in Europe to sort out legalities. Here he is told the disturbing truth about his murdered mother and feared father – a corrupt and vile sadist hiding his horribly deformed face behind a white porcelain mask. A man, legend has it, who sold his soul to the devil. A man and a family line cursed by Satan for all eternity. Back in Hollywood, reviving his father’s evil character for Metropolitan Studios, Rick Mason finally gets the movie success he desires and the fame and fortune that go with it. But when elements of his on-screen monster persona begins to affect his real life, Mason begins to fear that the role he was ‘born to play’ is slowly taking over him. That the curse of Baron Dragutin lives on in him. Rick Mason is drawn inexorably into a world of corrupt desires, superstition, corporate greed, unbridled ambition and murder, where the past refuses to die. It’s a world where monsters and horror don’t only appear on the big screen. “This is classic Mitchell, full of larger-than-life characters, a dark tale full of twists and turns, edge-of-your-seat drama and an unexpected, shocking conclusion…” Beware! A curse can take many forms…

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