The Dark Flow of Jessica Bitterroot (Book #1) (The Dark Flow Series)

Written By: Camilla Marks
Catagory: Horror
Total Pages: 81
Rated: PG-13

"Are you sure I'm not an angel?" I asked the tall man in the teal raincoat, the dust from burning poppies tingling in my lungs. "Positive." "But I'm clearly dead." "Being dead doesn't make you an angel." "But my skin is all glowy... and you said I would be carrying out earthly tasks. I've watched It's a Wonderful Life every Christmas with my family since I was six, I know how this goes. Every time a bell angel gets its wings." "Having a few tasks handed down to you by The One does not make you angel." "But there's also the traveling through time, and the way I don't sleep anymore, plus would you just look how glowy my skin is...gotta say this all feels an awful lot like being like an angel." "Definitely not an angel. There are important differences between you and an angel." "Differences like what?" "Angels can't bleed." The first novella in The Dark Flow series. Jessica Bitterroot dies and is turned into an "angel" with telekinetic powers. Now she must embark on a series of tasks in the afterlife. On her first assignment, she travels back in time to a quiet coffee shop in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1995, where a struggling author called "Lady J" is working on a book about a boy wizard that will soon become one of the most beloved children's stories of all time. Jessica must make sure that "Lady J" succeeds and the book meets its happy destiny, but the devil is the details.

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