The Tyrant of Siena (Book One) (The Heroes of Florence)

Written By: Jude Mahoney
Catagory: Historical
Total Pages: 165
Rated: PG-13

In the late summer of 1483, not a soul saw the coming of the Black Death. For Giovanni Lascorza, the Republic of Florence was his home and sanctuary against the ills of life. A new and unseen threat however, has been hunting and lurking in the back streets of this ancient city and only he can stop it. With the help of his chief aide, Otto Baldwinson, the two adventurers find themselves drawn into a complex web of lies, subterfuge and deceit battling a monstrous evil that will not rest until Florence is destroyed! The Tyrant of Siena is an epic tale of action and adventure, heroism and drama. Follow the adventures of Giovanni and Otto as they investigate a series of murders in the heart of Florence. Murder, mystery, intrigue and battles all happen in this first in the Heroes of Florence series of historical fiction books!

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